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Avjobs Student Aviation Program - Letter to Students Avjobs Student Aviation Program - Letter to Students 9609 S University Blvd Unit 630830
Littleton, CO
F 888-511-2322

Making Your Dreams Reality

Dear Professional Aviation Student,

As a student of an aviation program, securing suitable employment in the aviation industry is the next logical step in your educational process. Don't be one of the many graduates that are forced to look outside their field of study for their first job. Avjobs works to assure that students land their first position after graduation in their field of study.

Avjobs provides many reasons to be optimistic as you look forward to your career in aviation. We provide the bridge that allows you to easily transition from aviation student to aviation employee. Over 8,000 key industry employers and recruiters use Avjobs to find high quality, active, industry specific applicants like you.

There has never been a better time to be a student entering the field of aviation!
Through Avjobs you will find boundless job opportunities available in all sectors of commercial, corporate, and general aviation including airlines, airports, aerospace, manufacturers, government agencies, suppliers, airport based businesses, federal contractors, and more.

Under Avjobs Student Aviation Program, students with an emphasis in aviation are eligible for greatly reduced pricing. The program is intended to assist in your transition from student to employee and a long term career path. This transition can be a dramatic shift if you are not prepared.

Avjobs prepares and walks you through every step of the process to ensure your success. Our innovative tools and services include job opportunities with over 8,000 key industry employers. Our aviation specific Online Job Application and Resume Builder make it simple to prepare a professional resume regardless of your experience level. Other tools available include interview preparation and assistance, private & professional email address, career overviews on 70+ aviation careers, personal presentation techniques and more, all within a self paced and personalized system. Avjobs also offers career counseling encouraging you not lose sight of your dream.

Avjobs covers all sectors of the industry including; aircraft mechanics, avionics, engineers, airport management, pilots, reservation agents, baggage handlers, customer service, line maintenance, ramp agents, stores, aircraft cleaners, security, flight attendants, and all other obscure aviation careers.

Avjobs has the tools to help. Contact our office at and identify yourself as an aviation student and see how the Avjobs Student Aviation Program can help you. You may be asked to supply a copy of your most recent grade card. For more information about Avjobs and the Student Aviation Program, visit: and


9609 S University Blvd Unit 630830 Littleton, CO 80163-3032 Fax 888-511-2322

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