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Westminster, Maryland
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Dream Aviation, Inc

Dream Aviation, Inc operates Dream Flight School at Carroll County Airport in Westminster, MD. In addition to pilot training Dream Aviation provides aircraft rental, photo flights, hangar rental, aircraft maintenance, and parts sales. Dream Flight School provides a high quality, professionally structured flight training environment which places the needs of the student first by adapting to their individual goals, learning styles, personality, and schedule. Our mission is to help people fulfill and exceed their flying dreams in a way that changes lives and inspires others. Dream Aviation, Inc is a fast growing business, founded in 2011 with 1 aircraft and 3 employees. Dream Aviation, Inc now manages 8 aircraft a full motion simulator and 7 employees in a 10,000 sq ft facility. Great opportunity for long term employment with great job growth potential and ability to put your own ideas and creativity to use.

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Chief Flight Instructor Urgent

Westminster, MD


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