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L2 Consulting Services Inc

Who We Are: Our founder, Mr. Mark Lebovitz, created L2 to fill the void between the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and the Aircraft Operator when addressing the avionics upgrades and system integration requirements of the commercial transport aircraft industry. There was an obvious need to bridge the gap between the equipment advancements and new technologies to the existing system configuration differences that vary widely throughout the commercial aircraft fleets. As a 1987 Graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, School of Engineering with BSEE Degree, Mr. Lebovitz steadily gained valuable experience servicing the needs of the aircraft operators by integrating the newest technologies to the existing systems for the avionics service providers of the day. With a strong foundation cast in the support of the Commercial, VVIP, and Military aircraft operators, Mr. Lebovitz created L2 in 1997 to span the divide between the new technologies required by the industry and the challenges faced when integrating to the latest avionics advancements. Over the last 20 years, L2 has grown into a world-class organization by providing turn-key solutions to the avionics integration needs requested by the industry. Very few have the capability or the desire to provide the level of service available from L2 for the Avionics Integration, Design and Supplemental Type Certification needs of the Industry, the Manufacture of any required STC/PMA Kits, and through our on-site support from our Remote Avionics Modification Services (RAMS) team. Company Quality Policy: L2 is committed to quality and continuous improvement in all areas of our organization. We provide solutions based on our customers’ needs and are dedicated to ensuring that all expectations are surpassed. We are fanatical in ensuring our solutions meet or exceed regulatory and customer requirements. Working as a team, all employees are involved in the continuous quality improvement process to ensure that the company goals for quality, timeliness, responsiveness and innovation are met, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Dripping Springs, TX


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