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Thousand Palms, California
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Regional Avionics Repair, LLC

Regional avionics Repair, LLC has been in business since 2006. Our company was founded by a former Avionics Maintenance Manager and Engineer, who have grown the business from 2 employees to 33 employees over the past 12 years. Regional Avionics Repair, LLC. offers value in competitive rates and turn times in equipment repair, to Regional Airline operators and equipment owners looking for improved maintenance solutions in the increasingly changing market place. The employees are all skilled and highly trained in Avionics, including Part 121 operations, dedicated to providing the very best in service, equipment reliability and value in work performance. Our in-house engineering offers opportunity for competitive services previously not available. Some of our capabilities include the repair and recertification of EFD/MFD-871 / 4076 / 4077; AHC-85 / 85D / 85E, RTA-84X / 85X / 858, RTU-4000, CDU-4100, ADC-8X / 85XX, and SVL-4000's. For a complete list of our capabilities visit

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Chief Inspector

Thousand Palms, CA


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